Industrial Fire Suppression

Aerospace facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, clean rooms, power stations, data centers. Do you have a space that has unique hazards or extremely expensive assets that takes a different type of fire protection system to protect?

While water base fire sprinkler systems do a great job putting a fire out, there are times when a system needs to be fast reacting while not damaging sensitive property and assets.

Ellis Fire Suppression can work with you to install the proper system for your facilities to detect a fire early, suppress a fire quickly and limit your down time as a company. Our team has experience installing chemical agent fire suppression systems across different markets and special hazards.

Chemical Agent Fire Suppression Systems:

  • CO2 fire suppression systems
  • FM-13, FM200
  • Dry Chemical
  • Novec 1230

Fire Suppression Systems for Warehouses:

Ellis Fire Suppression specializes in the fire protection of warehouses. Whether you are looking for a new installation, maintenance or inspections, renovations or upgrading your current warehouse systems, we have you covered. For many customers, we manage the fire protection for multiple warehouses across the New England area.

Warehouses have their own challenges when it comes to fire protection. We are working with customers to install ESFR fire systems and eliminating the in-rack fire sprinkler systems. It is found that the in-rack systems become a safety hazard as forklifts can break these systems as they are moving product around the facility.

An ESFR system is an Early Suppression Fast Response system providing a warehouse with a fast responding systems that has high volume and large droplet sizes. This is an overhead system that responds to the exact location of the fire.

To learn more about our capabilities with industrial fire suppression, contact us today!

Recent Industrial Projects:

Magellan Aerospace in Haverhill, MA:

In this 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse space renovation, Ellis Fire Suppression worked directly with the General Contractor on a tight schedule converting the space into a functional manufacturing and clean room facility. Our work consisted of select demolition and rezoning of existing wet systems and the installation of new mains and piping required for the expansion. Our professional team was able to complete a detailed estimate, assign a project manager, coordinate and execute design plans with other hired contractors and provide skilled licensed installers and mechanics to complete the work, file proper documentation and close the project on schedule