Emergency Fire Suppression Services

Greater Boston, MA & Local Surrounding Areas

At Ellis Fire Suppression, we strive to provide Excellence in Fire Suppression. Our 24-hour emergency fire protection service response team is on call 7 days a week to protect, lives, property and commercial and industrial flammable assets.

For emergency service, call 781-995-0235!

Call Ellis Fire Suppression and we’ll send our team to your location as quickly as possible! We know how important it is to have your emergency needs addressed. We can fix all TYPES of problems you may have with your Fire Sprinkler or Fire Alarm systems including:

  • Water spraying all over the building because of fire sprinkler activity.
  • Accidental hitting a Fire Sprinkler pipe head which caused a leak.
  • A pipe didn’t get fixed correctly and it’s leaky – a leaking pipe.
  • A Fire alarm notification telling the operator that the system has needs.
  • Cold weather freeze up’s!
  • A break in the pipe caused by heat, cold or extensive usage.
  • Pumps, gauges & controls overheating and triggering warning notification.
  • Smoking in confined space that sets the alarm off.

Experienced & Certified Team

Whether you have a leaking or burst pipe or need a replacement for your Alarm or Sprinkler system: the team at Ellis Fire Suppression has you covered! Our technicians are licensed and experienced in providing service to your Fire Alarm or Fire Sprinkler suppression systems, always.

Ongoing Fire Protection Service

In addition to Emergency Fire Suppression Service, Ellis Fire provides ongoing Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Inspections and Service to your Suppression systems. Working with Ellis Fire Suppression with scheduled inspections and service will reduce your chances of an emergency with your fire protection system. We insure that your Suppression System is in proper code-mandated operating condition.

Contact Ellis Fire Suppression today to learn more about the Fire Suppression services we provide!