Fire Suppression Systems for Data Centers

Ellis Fire is your contractor for fire protection systems and services for data centers. As the world moves to cloud based storage, web based services and companies have large networks and computer systems to run their nationwide or worldwide operations, the need for fire suppressions for computers, servers and data centers will only grow. Our team is ready to protect your valuable assets.

Ellis Fire Suppression has installed fire suppression systems for industrial plants and other types of data centers. We have installed pre-action systems with chemical agent suppression systems to quickly combat an emergency. Depending on jurisdictions, a water based system is also needed with a chemical base system. The Ellis Fire Team will provide you with the best system that will protect your application while meeting the needs of industry code and insurance requirements.

We have installed the following types of chemical agent fire suppression systems:

  • FM200
  • Ansul
  • CO2
  • Novec 1230

Our service department provides ongoing inspections and maintenance services as often as you need them. We also provide 24 hour emergency support, 365 days a year.

Contact us or request a quote today today to get started on protecting your data center!