Fire Suppression Projects

Commercial Fire Suppression Projects

Ellis Fire has completed projects of all sizes for both commercial and residential customers, including

  • Chain Stores
  • Medical and Health spaces
  • Small to Large Office Spaces

Red Star Studio in Cambridge, MA:

Renovation of a light hazard office space in multiple phases on two levels. After the awarded contract we were able to value engineer the sprinkler system in order to provide cost savings to the owner with our in house design team. Once our project management began we were able to complete this project on a tight schedule while attending the necessary coordination meetings to complete the project on schedule.

Magellan Aerospace in Haverhill, MA:

In this 30,000 sq ft warehouse space renovation, Ellis Fire Suppression worked directly with the General Contractor on a tight schedule converting the space into a functional manufacturing and clean room facility. Our work consisted of select demolition and rezoning of existing wet systems and the installation of new mains and piping required for the expansion. Our professional team was able to complete a detailed estimate, assign a project manager, coordinate and execute design plans with other hired contractors and provide skilled licensed installers and mechanics to complete the work, file proper documentation and close the project on schedule

Target Store in Swansea, MA:

Brand new 135,000 sq ft ground up installation of a Target retail store consisting of 4 new 8” wet systems designed by Ellis Fire to maximize head spacing through the use of extended coverage sprinklers providing a cost effective and time efficient installation.

Tedesco Country Club in Marblehead, MA:

High profile 30,000 sq ft new clubhouse, pro shop and dining facility with high end finishes requiring a precision installation. Ellis Fire supplied value engineering throughout coordination, design and installation to provide both wet and dry systems as well as protection for combustible concealed spaces to fit without interrupting the Architects vision or the general contractor’s schedule.

Milford Hospital:

Computer / IT room remodel and expansion that included the removal of the existing wet system and the installation of a new single interlock cross zoned pre-action system designed to provide complete water based fire protection while affording a desirable measure of safety for the valuable equipment. The project was originally designated to have a dry chemical system to replace the existing wet system but Ellis Fire Suppression recognized the error and brought it to everyone’s attention preventing an incorrect installation and possible life safety issue.


Residential Fire Suppression Projects